Poll: Inclusion and education – All means all

The 2020 GEM Report states that gender, age, location, poverty, disability, ethnicity, indigeneity, language, religion, migration or displacement status, sexual orientation or gender identity expression, incarceration, beliefs and attitudes should not be the basis for discrimination against anyone in education participation and experience. The prerequisite is to see learner diversity not as a problem but as an opportunity. Inclusion cannot be achieved if it is seen as an inconvenience or if people harbour the belief that learners’ levels of ability are fixed. Education systems need to be responsive to all learners’ needs.

The following ten recommendations take into account the deep roots of barriers and the wide scope of issues related to inclusion, which threaten the world’s chance to achieve the 2030 targets by the deadline. Take part in this poll and say which you believe your country should prioritise first.

Read more about the practical steps, and evidence-base for each of the recommendations below.

Using this list, find the twitter handle for your education minister or ministry and share your top recommendation for your country with them.

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Which recommendation is the most relevant for your country or region?